Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Scientific Name: Cocos Nucifera

Description: Palm trees which grow near water, as much as 10 ft tall. Mostly found in tropical like climates.

Planet : Neptune
Sign: Aquarius
Polarity: Feminine
Element: Water/ Earth

Magickal Uses: Travel to new places, travel over water, cleansing. Migration to a new country.
The sines of the coconut fronds are banded together to make a cocoyea broom, which is used in some circle to drive out unwanted spirits. Banishing. Can be used also to seek out emotional blocks and cleanse them.
Coconut has the unique property of bridging water and earth element. Its seeds take root in earth near water. 

Healing Properties: Coconut water is used for cleansing kidney and bladder infections.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Scientific Name: Foeniculum vulgare

Description: Hardy Herbaceous perennial that grows to 2 m and likes full sun.

Planet : Mercury
Gods: Prometheus, Hercules

Magickal Uses: Protection, purification, healing. The leaves and seeds were used in the Middle ages to ward off evil spirits.

Health Uses: combating flatulence and constipation, may reduce the effects of alcohol, regulates body weight, to enhance sex drive, to stimulate menstruation. Fennel is an excellent insect repellent, and an antispasmodic.

WARNING : Hemlock can sometimes be confused with fennel. Hemlock is fatal if eaten.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Scientific Name:

Description: Tree which can grow to 7 m high. Guava bark sheds its outer layer, renewing itself often.

Element: Earth
Tarot Card: Magician
Planet: Pluto
Magic Number: 1

Magickal Uses: Sustenance in dire times, transformation, removal of the unwanted, casting aside old lives to encourage renewal.

Health Uses:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Scientific Name: Chamaemelum Nobile / Anthemis Noblis

Description: Chamomile is a hardy evergreen perennial that likes full sun with a bit of shade. Will grow to 30cm. The plant seems to assist the growth of other plants placed near it.

Planet: Sun

Magickal Uses: Love, purification and wealth. Washing hands in the infusion is said to attract luck when gambling.

Healing uses: Relaxing, aids sleep, nausea, urinary infections and digestion.

Bay Leaf

Scientific Name: Laurus Noblis

Description: Bay is an evergreen tree. Bay will grow to 7m in height. It likes fill sun.

Planet: Sun
Gods: Apollo

Additional information: Also associated with the Delphic Oracle

Magickal Uses: For protection, during meditation, slightly narcotic quality can bring trances during circles. Strength, prophesy, healing and purification. Leaves in your pillows will bring meaningful dreams.

Health Benefits:


Scientific Name: Ocimium Bascilicum or O. sanctum

Description: Basil is a tender annual that grows to 45cm in height. It likes warmth, but needs to be protected from extreme scorching midday sun. It may be found in shops as a tea or powdered or chopped leaves.

Planet : Mars
Sign: Scorpio
God: Vishnu

Magickal Uses: Love, wealth, exorsicm, protection. Its heart warming properties sooth the strife between lovers. It can be used as a simple perfume. Carrying basil in the pocket attracts wealth. It is regularly added to incense in love spells and rituals.

Healing Properties: Digestion, anxiety, as an antiseptic, for inflammation, high blood sugar, pain relief.

Possible side effects of ingestion: dizziness, heavy sweating, rapid pulse, cold sweaty skin. (symptoms of low blood sugar)